Painless First Steps For Selling Your Home In Eden Prairie

Dated: 01/30/2020

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Selling your Eden Prairie home is a major undertaking with many facets, so often dPrepare Your Home for Saleeciding where to start can delay liftoff. Since there is no actual “right” place to begin, like other mammoth projects, just digging in anywhere will do. The happy truth is that when you’re selling a home, once momentum gets going, the rest of the pieces tend to just fall into place.

To get the ball rolling, here is a pre-sale checklist of some major activities selling your Eden Prairie home could entail. To simply get started, just pick one and then another and so on:

Nagging problem elimination. Very few of us attend to every home maintenance problem as they gradually develop or show up. If there was a reliable poll on the subject, I’d guess that 95% of Eden Prairie homeowners have at least two or three areas they’ve learned to live with—however, they will need to be attended to before selling the home. Identifying them is a pre-sale first step…then fixing them is the action item that transforms the idea of selling your home into reality.

First impression inspection. Any time you return to your home, you have an opportunity to get started on this important marketing approach. Just stop in front of your home and see what kind of first impression your property will make on someone setting eyes on it for the first time. What seems least fresh and appealing? Is it fencing that could use a quick coat of paint? A planter that needs colorful flowers or plants? The numerals on the mailbox? Wear and Tear or visible broken items?  Selling your home starts with favorable and visible curb appeal.  Remember, you only get one chance at a FIRST impression.

Lights! Camera! Action! An essential element to get prospective buyers clamoring for a tour is the photography that highlights your Eden Prairie listing. To start preparing for that, pick a room—any room—and stage it: clear it of unneeded objects, furniture, etc. This will entail figuring out where to store the objects that you want to keep, but which clutter up the visual appeal…and once you’ve identified where they will be stored, you’re seriously on your way to selling your home.  My team and I do offer complimentary staging advice and different staging services within our commission packages, so if you’re curious what is the best way to show off your home, give us a call and we’ll walk through your home and discuss the options that will work best for you. 

Getting down to business. Educating yourself about the competition means taking a look at this current Eden Prairie listings to get a feel for where the market is. Which comparable homes have just sold, and which haven’t moved for months? Your home may not be ready for market for a while, but the earlier you start familiarizing yourself with today’s Eden Prairie real estate market, you better the odds that your listing price will be right and you’ll net the best results.  I’m happy to meet and discuss the current housing market and buyer trends, but also can email you reports to keep you informed if that is easier for you at this point.

Exit strategy. (My favorite of all) Be prepared to move! Any action you take in this direction, whether it is checking out reliable moving companies, packing up,  donating and purging, or even beginning the hunt for your next house, any of it makes selling your home that much easier when you’re ready to go.  

Each of these is a step that will begin to transform the idea of selling your Eden Prairie home from a cloud of uncertainty, into a very doable certainty. So if you’re looking for a current market valuation of your home, wanting to discuss the best bang for your buck with repairs and updates/upgrades, or even if now is the best time for you, the easiest pre-sale checklist item to get the ball rolling – Call Me! 

Cindy Hanson Welu is the team leader and broker with the Welu Home Team at Keller Williams Realty Elite, as well as 23-year resident of Eden Prairie.  She and her team know the Eden Prairie market, have vast experience selling over 2400 homes and hold specialty expertise accolades in staging, design, marketing and more.  Cindy can be reached at 952-484-2953 or, or simply schedule a no-obligation consultation at   

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